Vitamin “D” Benefits

It is the vitamin responsible for supplying the bones with calcium and phosphorous, which are the basis of bone formation, as the bone-building cells form the building blocks of their bones.
And we get 50% of our needs from it through exposure to the sun, as ultraviolet rays convert cholesterol under the skin into vitamin D3, and we get the other 50% of plant or animal foodstuffs, as animals are the most important, because they contain large quantities of it, and it is in the form of D3, for example, all kinds of proteins, especially liver and egg yolks.
As for vegetarianism, it is in the form of D2 and transformed into D3 in the stomach and then absorbed in the second part of the twelve in the presence of bile.
After absorption, it is stored in the liver until its use. It is activated in two stages: one in the liver and the other in the kidney.

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