The Importance Of Iron In The Human Body

It is one of the most important nutrients that a person needs,
Iron is involved in the manufacture of hemoglobin, the main compound in red blood cells, which is the actual oxygen carrier in the human body, as it carries oxygen from the lungs to all tissues.
Iron has plant and animal sources, but the benefit from plant sources is weak because there are no enzymes needed to convert iron into a form that can be easily utilized.
The most important animal sources of iron are red meat and liver.
There are different factors that affect the absorption of the iron we eat, whether positive or negative.
For example, tea and coffee reduce iron absorption, as well as anything that affects the acidity of the stomach such as soft drinks, and any antacid drugs.
Among the foodstuffs that help in the absorption of iron, for example, proteins are because they increase the acidity of the stomach, as it increases the secretion of stomach acid with protein intake, as well as taking vitamin C increases the acidity of the stomach also helps to absorb iron.
A person needs 2_3 mg/kg/day, and these quantities double in adulthood.
Iron deficiency leads to a type of anemia, which is iron deficiency anemia, and the main symptoms of which are headaches, general fatigue and difficulty concentrating, frequent fatigue with less effort, some strange food habits, loss of appetite, and a rapid heartbeat.
And to make sure of this, we turn to the doctor to do the necessary tests and receive the necessary treatment in this case.

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