The Positive Effects Of Technology

First: Improving the process of contacting and communication
There is no doubt that advanced technology includes many tools for the communication process. Such as email messages, phone calls, instant text messaging applications, video chat services, social networking applications, and others.
All these means have facilitated the process of contacting relatives and friends, even those far away, in addition to saving money.

Second: the development of medical industries
Most hospitals have turned to the use of modern technology in surgical operating rooms, medical equipment, and x-rays, which facilitated the treatment process and reduced the possibility of mistakes by doctors, and technology provided the opportunity for all people to monitor their health and weight at any time of the day through applications. That can be used on cell phones.

Third: the positive impact on the education process
The use of technology in education contributes to facilitating the education process thanks to the use of audio-visual presentations, the use of special programs to follow the progress of the student, and the protection of the environment as the approach to e-learning greatly reduces the amount of paper used and thus preserving trees, in addition to encouraging students to study from Through the use of applications and programs that make education an enjoyable process for them, in addition to the ability to access information at any time for both the student and the teacher.

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