Who Are We

Madras Al-Aqsa International

Arab schools include the Arab and American divisions, which hold a license from the Republic of Yemen for direct teaching in 2016, and distance teaching in 2020. The schools also obtained the accreditation of the Turkish Ministry of Education in 2017, and the American Advanced Foundation of the Cognia Foundation 2019.

The Yemeni curriculum is taught in the Arabic section, in addition to teaching English and Turkish, so the school is three-language.
The “McGraw Hill” curriculum is taught by the Advanced American Foundation for the American Department.
The schools are located in (Beylikduzu) in Istanbul in a distinguished building, and it includes all educational levels (kindergarten – primary – preparatory – secondary).
We study enrichment curricula for language subjects in addition to the prescribed curriculum, and the schools pay attention to the religious and moral side.
The schools were established in 2016 in the (Yeni Bosna) region, and now they are in the new headquarters (Beylikduzu) with a license of 784 students.
Taking into account the peculiarity of each sex in the educational aspect, by separating the sexes during education and activities.
We are interested in information technology, technological development, education, and training.
We have distinguished educational cadres.
We are interested in teaching Islamic Education and the Holy Quran.